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My name is Shannon, I'm the face behind the camera.
I'm also a wife (and lucky to be married to the love of my life - a man I have known since I was ten years old) and mom to a young adult daughter who is the light of my life. I share my heart and home with three Border Collies who keep me on my toes, and have an Arabian horse who brings incredible joy to my world. I love coffee, camping, walking on a sandy beach and hiking in the mountains. 
There are a few things I think I was born loving, because I can't remember a time in my life I didn't love them. Dogs, horses, and my family. Shortly thereafter comes photography. I remember, even as a young child, begging to use my dad's Pentax camera. I was fascinated with taking photos! Flowers, the family dogs, my aunt's goats, my uncle's horse - I still have many of these photos. I was exposed to beautiful, quality photography from a young age as my grandfather was an official photographer for the military and my dad always shot landscapes and documentary-style photos with professional-grade equipment. I guess it can be said I came by my photography passion naturally. 
About Me
I purchased my first quality camera when in my twenties (was that really twenty something years ago?!?!) and practiced my craft by taking photos of my own horses and dogs. I had an Arabian breeding farm at the time and wanted photos of my horses that captured their true essence. In those days I shot film, and worked hard to hone my skills as developing countless rolls of film was expensive, and my patience (or lack thereof!) was tested waiting to see the results of my efforts. My skills evolved and others began hiring me to take photos of their horses and before I knew it, I had a photography business! 
Fast forward twenty-plus years and several cameras later, my passion for photography continues - and my business has grown, thrived, and enriched my life beyond description! Photography has allowed me to visit places I had only dreamed of, meet people who have become treasured friends, and capture countless precious and cherished moments along the way. I genuinely love photography. I can't seem to get away from it - even when on vacation, running errands, or just relaxing - my eye is drawn to all things beautiful and finds beauty in all things. 
If you would like a beautiful moment in your life captured, please send me an email, text or give me a call.
Am I the right photographer for you?

Here's how you know:
  • Your pet is your whole world!

  • You have more photos of your pet on your phone than you do of your spouse or human kids.

  • You're looking to capture the personality of your pet.

  • You value the importance of preserving your pet's legacy.

  • You would love seeing your pet's face on your wall.

  • Dogs!! Horses!! 

  • Need I say more?! 



Now booking in the greater Missoula, Montana area for all of 2023.

Please contact me if interested in a dog or horse portrait session in the Nampa area in 2024.
Availability / Travel

I cannot begin to thank you for capturing each dog's personality so perfectly. You have such a gift Shannon and what a gift you are to all of us who know and love you!



My dog Lucy was selected to be one of the dogs that Shannon photographs for the Tails of the World project! She was so incredible to work with. She clearly communicated each step of the process, was very proactive about reaching out and getting things set up, and was in general exceptionally easy and wonderful to work with.


The pictures she took of Lucy were so beautiful that I've already booked her for taking pictures of my horse, and will be booking her to take pictures of my other dog when she's fully grown.


Her photos and the photo book I got aren't just fun and cool things to have around, they are keepsakes I will have for the rest of my life and have so much meaning to me. Someday, decades from now, I'll be able to take out the albums from each of my animals and have so many fond and beautiful memories of my pets. I highly recommend working with her if you have the opportunity, you will not regret it.



Shannon was a delight to work with. She took the time to connect with Kiwi and allow her to become comfortable. She not only takes amazing photos but she also truly cares.


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