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Creating art for horses and their people in the greater Missoula, MT and Nampa, ID areas


Have a special horse in your life? Seeking a gorgeous piece of wall art featuring your equine partner? Want to include your horse in your family or senior portraits? Do you need quality, professional images of your horses for your website or sales promotion? Great! Let's get started ...

As someone who has been around and studied horses all my life and was a breeder for many years, I have an in-depth understanding of their conformation and movement. There is no greater joy for me than to be able to capture in my photographs the true beauty and essence of a horse the way their owner sees them! 

At Shannon Edney Photography, creating artwork you love of your horse is my primary goal. I am proud to offer a collection of the highest quality products in the industry, from gorgeous wall art to albums of all sizes and display options that complement any home decor. I dedicate myself to creating a personal, custom experience in order to surpass your portrait photography expectations. Let me fulfill your wishes for a lifetime of stunning portraiture that ensures your home is one filled with stunning memories.




Horse Portraits

Absolutely stunning.


"We flew out to Montana from Georgia so Shannon could take senior portraits of our daughter with her horse, who now lives there. So many great portraits that will be treasured for a lifetime!"

- Mike & Donna



Your horse is your riding partner, your soul mate, a devoted and loyal ally on the journey through life. Through photography, you can honor and preserve the memories you are making together every day.

We all have hundreds of photos of our horses on our phone. Photos of our horse grazing, looking at us, etc. Most of the time these photos remain on our phone, are sometimes shared on social media, but rarely do they get printed, framed, and displayed in our home. A professional portrait is carefully planned, beautifully executed, curated, and edited to be a work of artistry. Professional portraits make gorgeous additions to our home decor, giving us an everyday reminder of the love we have for our four-legged companion, and of their incredible devotion to us.

Let's capture your horse’s unique personality and spirit in images that are filled with life - images that will bring you joy every day! 

Why Professional Photography


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Praise From My Clients

Shannon photographed “The Sun Family” of Arabians for us. She was so easy to work with, never asking anything risky of the horses in order to get that special photo. All of her photos are unique because she captures the personality of each horse… the sparkling look of a foal’s eye, the charismatic presence of a young stallion, the kindness and patience of a mare.



On occasion, photographic skill merges with true artistic talent and the result is an amazing gift. Shannon is so gifted. She has a unique ability of bringing her subject matter to a level of beauty that is both elegant and timeless; the results are magical. Her appealing images exude light, life, and vibrancy that take one’s breath away. Shannon’s photos of my special horses capture all that I find lovely and desirable in these animals and she enables others to see it as well.



Shannon is very outgoing, putting me at ease. I love how she was able to take beautiful photos of my Arabian filly in a natural state without all the "makeup" that many photographers require to make their photos look good. Shannon "knows" horses and how to capture them and their personalities!


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