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A Time for Creativity

Dealing with quarantine and stay-at-home orders comes with many challenges. Here in Missoula, Montana, some restrictions are starting to lift, others remain. For any of you with children, the impact this time has had on them is likely very substantial. I have a high school junior with a high school senior boyfriend, and seeing how difficult this has been on them and their peers has weighed heavily on my heart. Though I do agree with and support the school closures, cancellation of events, etc., I am saddened by everything these young men and women have had to give up - experiences and milestone events they have looked forward to over their entire school careers.

A Prom to Remember

Earlier this year my daughter and I went shopping for her prom dress. She tried on several gowns, putting on a mini fashion show as she narrowed down her decision. Several hours later we left the mall with a gorgeous gown, new jewelry and shoes for the big day (which was scheduled for several months down the road). She has looked forward to prom since she was a little girl, and this year would be the first time she would attend - and possibly the only time since her boyfriend will be leaving for college in the fall. Once the pandemic hit, school closures came into effect and events were being cancelled one after another - it was apparent she and her boyfriend wouldn't be attending the school prom this year. Once restrictions started to lift, we decided to orchestrate a pseudo prom for my daughter and her boyfriend.

My daughter had her hair and makeup done by a friend, the kids were dressed to the nines in official prom wear complete with corsage and boutonnière. We had a formal photo shoot with all the parents present (practicing social distancing), and ordered filet mignon curbside takeout that was served to them in our home dining room on our fanciest tableware. We decorated the house in metallic gold adornments and had balloon bouquets, candles and even dancing in the living room! Not the traditional prom but they have missed out on so much, we wanted to make this night something special they will remember forever.

I would love to hear what you are doing to help your kids get through this trying time. Please share in the comments below!


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