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First Day of School Photos

Around this time of year, social media outlets are bursting with proud parent's photos of their kids before going to their first day of school for the new year. I always love seeing these pictures!

Some kids look shy and reserved - either not comfortable getting their photo taken or more likely feeling a bit nervous in anticipation of what the day will bring. Some kids look irritated that they had to pause for the photo. Other kids look genuinely happy.

Over the years, my own daughter's first day of school photos have included all of the above. Which is my favorite? ALL OF THEM! Because each year, the photo is representative of what is going on in her life - in OUR lives - at that time. I can look at any of her first day of school photos and be instantly reminded of what was most important to her and our family right then.

That is the true beauty of a photo. Sure, it is always nice to have gorgeous images where the subject is shot at their most flattering angle in perfect light with an attractive background. But so much more important is that the photo is telling a story. YOUR STORY.

Photos help document the stories of our lives.

Cliche? Maybe. But true nonetheless.

TAKE PHOTOS. BE IN PHOTOS. You can thank me later. : )


Award-winning portrait photographer Shannon Edney's photos have been featured on multiple magazine covers with photos published in print and digital advertisements around the world. Based out of Missoula, Montana, Shannon specializes in portrait photography showcasing people, dogs, and horses (all breeds, with a focus on the Arabian horse). Shannon is known for her ability to catch the perfect expression and capture her subjects in unique lighting, resulting in portraits rich in artistry that will be treasured for years to come.

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