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Session Guide

Tailored Horse Portraits Crafted Just for You!

Hi, I'm Shannon!

Having been around horses all my life and a breeder for many years, I have a deep understanding of their conformation and movement, allowing me to convey their true beauty in my photography. There's no greater joy for me than capturing a horse's essence as their owner sees them.

A horse portrait session with me is low-stress, fun for your horse, and results in stunning images. Showcase these as beautiful wall art in your home, an heirloom-quality artisan album, or digital files for your social media and breeder's website.

Every horse has a unique story to tell, and I would love to bring your horse's story to life through breathtaking photography.


Preparing for the portrait session

Session preparation guide

The best photos come from dogs just being themselves and letting their personalities shine! Here are some tips to help you prepare for our session and ensure a successful dog photo shoot:

Plan ahead

During the pre-session consultation, please share your vision, preferences, and special requests. This is also the time for you to inform me of any behavioral issues or anxieties your dog has (so I can be sure to select the right location for the session).

Dress comfortably

If planning to join your dog in some of the portraits, wear outfits that complement your dog's colors. Avoid busy patterns so we can keep the focus on your pet. Neutral tones or jewel tones tend to photograph best.


Give your dog a bath and groom them a day or two before the session. Avoid doing this on the same day as it might be too tiring for them.


Please remove any hanging tags from the collar. I'll take care of removing the leash from the photos during editing. Feel free to use a fancy collar or add bows and bandanas—whatever makes you happy! However, please avoid harnesses unless necessary, as they can detract from the photos.

Treats, water & toys

I’ll bring treats, but it’s a good idea for you to bring some as well, especially if your dog has food allergies or preferences. Please also bring water for your dog. Don't forget your dog's favorite ball or frisbee if they love to play catch!


Arrive at the location 5-10 minutes early and take a little walk to help your dog acclimate and work off some excitement. For older dogs, be sure to allow time for them to rest and sleep beforehand.


Be ready to assist

During the session I will have you help guide your dog’s attention toward the camera. Your involvement can make the session more interactive and fun for your dog.

Trust the process

Don't stress if your dog isn’t cooperating perfectly. I’ll capture great photos regardless of your dog’s behavior. Try to enjoy the session and trust that your photos will turn out amazing!

By following these tips, we’ll ensure a smooth, fun, and successful portrait session that captures the true spirit of your furry friend! 


The big day

What to expect at our horse portrait session


Meeting up for our horse portrait session

I'll spend a few minutes getting to know your pup and letting them get to know me, too. This will involve lots of delicious treats (unless there's a reason not to), and before you know it, I’ll be your dog's new best friend!

I always take your dog’s unique needs into account. If your pup is a bit anxious around strangers, I’ll spend that initial time just chatting with you and giving your dog some space until they feel comfortable with my presence. 

Your pup might be super excited about being in a new place or their favorite spot, and it can take a little while for them to settle down. That’s why it’s a great idea to arrive about 10 minutes before our session starts. This gives your dog some time to adjust to their surroundings and take care of any necessary business.

Before we start snapping photos, I’ll show you the best way to hold your dog’s leash to make it easier for me to edit it out later. We’ll go over what kind of help I might need from you, like giving your dog cues to sit, lie down, or wait. Don’t worry if your dog isn’t familiar with these cues—I work with all dogs, no matter how well trained!

Capturing shots of you and your horse

Think of our photo session as a fun outing with your dog, with me along to capture all the great moments. As we walk around, I’ll be on the lookout for perfect spots where the lighting is good and the surroundings are interesting. Rocks, logs, benches, interesting buildings, colors, trees, and vegetation—I'll find all the best places to photograph your dog.

We’re going to get a variety of photos during our session. I might start with a couple of shots of your dog along the way or of you with your dog to help them get used to the idea that we’re stopping every now and then. Then, we’ll move on to some action shots while your dog is still excited and full of energy. Getting these out of the way early helps burn off some of that excitement, making it easier for them to be calm for the rest of the session.

I know you want your pup to behave, but remember, we’re never going to force your dog to do anything they’re not comfortable with. If they don’t want to sit, we’ll capture them standing. The goal is to get them at their best, just being themselves.

Don’t stress if your dog isn’t cooperating perfectly! This is about you having a great time, too. So relax and go with the flow—I’ve got everything under control. Our main goal is to capture your pup’s unique personality and the special bond you share.

Expect to hear some weird noises from me—that’s just me trying to get your dog’s attention. I’ve got a bag full of noisemakers and toys, and we might use a ball or dog toy if your pup likes them. Of course, I’ll rely on you to call their name or act a bit silly, because no one knows your dog better than you!

I can’t wait to capture these special moments with you and your furry friend. Let's make some memories!

Your role during the session

During the session I will ask you to assist with handling your pup – holding the leash a certain way, maybe throwing a ball, or standing behind me and acting silly! Your dog listens to you best, so you’ll be taking an active role.

I also hope you'll decide to be in some of the photos with your dog! You’ll never regret having some beautiful photos of the two (or three or four…) of you together. These memories will last a lifetime and make fantastic family photos for your wall art, picture frames, or a luxurious album.

Wrapping up the portrait session

By the end of the session, I’ll have taken a great variety of photos, and your dog will probably be pretty tired out! It’s hard work for them to stay in place, look at the camera, and follow your cues.

I’ll take a few moments to remind you of my next steps and when you can expect your professionally edited proofs. I’ll usually have some examples of products, like wall art or an album, to show you. Then you can sit back and relax while I work on editing your photos to bring out the best in them and your pup!


After the portrait session

What to expect after the session

After our fun-filled photoshoot, I'll take some time to go through all the photos and pick out the absolute best ones. Then comes the magic of editing to turn these moments into stunning memories and beautiful artwork for your home!



Custom editing 

Here's what editing involves:

  • Removing leashes

  • Cleaning up eye goop

  • Eliminating any distractions

  • Fixing color casts 

  • General color grading

  • Making those eyes pop

  • And so much more!





The exciting reveal!

It usually takes me about 2-3 weeks to edit your photos and get them ready for your portrait reveal. But don't worry, if I finish them sooner, I'll reach out right away because I know you'll be excited to see your images!

Once your photos are ready, I'll contact you to set up a Zoom call for your portrait reveal and ordering session. During the Zoom call, I'll share an online gallery with the edited images from our session. We’ll talk through the different artwork, albums, and portrait product options, and I’ll answer any questions you might have.

After the call I will send you an email with a link to the portrait reveal gallery so you can review the images and select your favorites, as well as pick out which images you would like to order as custom wall art or have included in an album.

The link to your portrait reveal gallery will only be live for 24 hours, so I recommend setting some time aside to select your favorite portraits. 

Once you've selected your favorites from the portrait reveal gallery, I'll send you a link to your final portrait gallery that contains the final, purchased images. You can download the high-resolution and web-resolution files directly from this gallery. At this time I will also prepare any wall art, album or keepsake orders. Please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery.


Why you should consider heirloom quality printed art

Because photos sitting on a hard drive or phone just won’t bring that daily smile to your face!

Imagine smiling every day when you see your dog’s photo on the wall or your desk. Or flipping through a gorgeous album, reminiscing about their unique personality and the fun day of their photo session. This is why printed artwork offers something digital images cannot.

Don’t get me wrong—digital images are great too. I love having photos of my dog on my phone and sharing them on social media. That's why every Collection includes some digital images.

But let's bring those photos to life with beautiful printed products!

  • Wall Art Collections: Perfect for enhancing any space on your wall.

  • A Beautiful Album: A wonderful keepsake that’s also gorgeous enough to display.

  • Single Statement Pieces: Enjoy your favorite photos every day.

  • Desk Displays: Great for your home, office, or as thoughtful gifts.

Every print is a piece of artwork that will remind you of the dog that holds a special place in your heart and the special bond you share. Let's get your photos off your devices and into your life with stunning printed art!


Shannon, you are amazing at what you do!! This was a first for me and you made everything so easy and comfortable – it was so much fun!! I am beyond thrilled at what you captured with your camera and just love all the beautiful photos of our family! Thank you again for spending so much time with me AND US, through the whole process! YOU ARE WONDERFUL!!!


Shannon was so incredible to work with. She clearly communicated each step of the process, was very proactive about reaching out and getting things set up, and was in general exceptionally easy and wonderful to work with. The pictures she took of Lucy were so beautiful that I've already booked her for taking pictures of my horse, and will be booking her to take pictures of my other dog when she's fully grown. Her photos and the photo book I got aren't just fun and cool things to have around, they are keepsakes I will have for the rest of my life and have so much meaning to me. Someday, decades from now, I'll be able to take out the albums from each of my animals and have so many fond and beautiful memories of my pets. I highly recommend working with her if you have the opportunity, you will not regret it.


Shannon was amazing, very professional. She had us relaxed and smiling with her quick wit. She took such beautiful photos! We enjoyed every minute of our session with her and would gladly do it again. We highly recommend her to anyone wanting quality professional photographs. Thank you again Shannon!

Judy + Jeff
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