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Creating art for dogs and their people in the greater Missoula, MT and Nampa, ID areas

Hi, I'm Shannon!


I have shared my entire life with dogs. My dogs have always been more than just a pet to me, they are as beloved a family member as any of their human counterparts. I know that your dog means as much to you as my dogs mean to me - and my desire in photographing your dog is to capture its beauty and unique personality. Catching your dog at play, while focusing on a ball, interacting with you or even while giving their goofiest expression - I will capture something beautiful and memorable of your furever friend.

A dog portrait session with me is low-stress, fun for the dog, and will result in gorgeous images of your dog for you to showcase as stunning wall art in your home, an heirloom quality artisan album that will inspire ooohs and ahhhs every time you look at it, or digital files for you to share on your social media pages and/or breeder's website.

Welcome Guide
The Difference


Not all photography businesses are created equal.
Here's what you can expect from Shannon Edney Photography:




Your dogs are the heart, soul, and wagging tails of my business. I know all the tricks and tips to create incredible portraits of dogs and puppies. Somehow I always seem to fall in love with the dog in front of my camera - I just can't help myself!

I create art. Digital files are also available and many clients choose to add them to their order. But at Shannon Edney Photography, my primary focus is creating tangible, beautiful artwork that will bring you joy for years to come.

Count on quality. Whether your artwork is handcrafted or framed using authentically weathered barn wood, rest assured it comes from the best artisans in the business. If you're used to photo prints from the local box store, prepare to be amazed!

The Experience


Here's what to expect for your dog portrait experience:

Inquiry & Session Booking 

Pencil and notepad

STEP 1: 

It's a quick and easy process - just fill out the inquiry form HERE.

We'll schedule a call to talk through the details and visit about what you may choose to do with the images afterwards.



The Session

STEP 2: 

Sketched Red Camera

This is where the magic happens! Leave all worries and expectations at the door and enjoy the experience.


The session will have a relaxed atmosphere so you and your dog won't need to worry about a thing. Your dog's only job is to be a dog!


The Editing Process


The Editing Process

STEP 3: 

I will select the most compelling images from the session and begin my custom editing process. I will edit each photo in my unique artistic style, and will remove leashes, handlers (when applicable), flies and eye boogers.


You will benefit from my many years of experience photographing dogs, which includes me knowing how to work with natural light, where to find the best locations for your shoot, and how to compose a great shot. 

Sketched Notice Board

Portrait Reveal & Ordering Session

STEP 4: 

The much-anticipated image reveal session - which is just as exciting for me as it is for you!


You choose your favorites, and I'll walk you through the options for different types of artwork, albums and digital files!

Screen Shot 2022-10-25 at 7.35.54 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-10-25 at 9.14.17 PM.png

Delivery and... EXHILERATION!

STEP 5: 

Your products have arrived and you can't stop smiling as you enjoy your gorgeous new artwork!

How will you choose to showcase your portraits? There are many beautiful artwork options available!


The Artwork

Shannon Edney Photography will help you curate your images, guiding you as you select your favorite portraits to create gorgeous, quality, custom artwork that will be ooh'ed and aah'ed over for decades!

Choose from a variety of contemporary, rustic or traditional wall art options. Whether you decide on one single, breathtaking piece or a multi-image wall gallery, it's sure to make a joyful statement. So sit back, relax, and start to envision what you would love to wake up to you in your home.

Limited wall space? You can also select from an assortment of archival artisan albums that will showcase your beloved images for decades to come. Digital files are also an option, but I recommend them as a complement to tangible artwork you can enjoy every day.

Click on any of the product photos below for additional information.

Become a VIP


Do you have a Very Important Pup? If so, join our VIP club and be the first to hear about limited edition sessions, special offers, and information I don't share anywhere else!



My dog will never cooperate for a session.

Approximately 95% of the dogs pictured on this site are your everyday companions. My sessions never require your dog to sit or stay - my camera is plenty fast enough to capture even the most active dog! It’s important to discuss any possible behavior challenges during the pre-session consultation so if your dog is nervous or reactive, we can choose a location that suits his temperament. If necessary, we will spend some extra time with your four-legged family member to get them comfortable with me and my camera using positive reinforcement techniques.

What if my dog can't be off leash?

Your dog's safety is always my number one priority during our session. This should be a fun experience for all involved, especially the dog! My preference is to photograph your pet without a collar whenever possible. I have a thin slip leash for your dog to wear during the session that will be edited out in the final images. However, if your dog is not safe with just a thin slip lead we will need a collar and leash. If you have a favorite collar, bring it! The leash will be edited out of the final image unless it is necessary for a particular photo to make sense. Harnesses will not be edited out of images. Please keep in mind a harness can look bulky in photos and may pull attention away from your beautiful dog.

Can I be in the images too?

Of course! I love documenting the wonderful connection between you and your dog. While we can certainly capture a traditional portrait of you both smiling at the camera, my clients especially love the candid images of the moments you share. If you're camera shy, I can still create some lovely, creative images that tell the story of your relationship. All of my dog portrait session options include up to two people being photographed with the dog. Families will be referred to the family portrait session options. 

What time will our photo session be?

The most magical light for photography happens during the "golden hour," which is why I schedule most sessions either early in the morning or during the last two hours of daylight. Certain locations are better suited for certain times of day, we can discuss location and time during the session-planning call. Sessions generally last about an hour - that allows the dog time to get comfortable with the camera and plenty of time for us to capture a variety of images for you to choose from. Typically we will start with action shots, then once the initial energy has been burned off we will move to portrait and snuggly shots. 

How do I choose a location?

It's a big decision, but I'm here to help with plenty of recommendations. During our session-planning call we'll discuss the look you're after, and any special needs your dog might have (mobility challenges, anxiety, etc.). With all that in mind, we'll settle on the perfect location for your custom session.

What if it's raining?

If the weather is less than ideal, we can definitely reschedule. 

I want to create authentic portraits of my dog! How do I book?

Simply click here to book a session! If you still have some questions, send them my way on this inquiry form or give me a call at 406-544-2881. I can't wait to work with you!



Visit my Investment & Session Options page
to see which dog portrait experience is right for you!


Shannon was kind, caring, and made me feel so comfortable! I was IN SHOCK with how amazing the photos looked! I could look at them all day and never get bored of seeing their beauty. I'm looking forward to having lifelong memories of my best buddy, Rico. I had such a great experience working with Shannon.



We appreciated how Shannon engaged with our dog during the session; both for how it helped us and our pup feel more comfortable, and for how it helped her to find our pup's best reaction and angles. We were blown away when we saw the photos for the first time. We were amazed how well she was able to capture our dog's personality in each photo. We're looking forward to sharing the photos with our friends and family, and will certainly be recommending her services to them.

Rachael + Jon


You are so cheerful and positive, and knew exactly where to find the best angles and how to grab the dogs' attention. The photos are amazing – the way the morning light hit the grass around the dogs just made everything stand out. The pictures of the ranch and the mountains are phenomenal, the chickens were fabulous, too. I was surprised by how good everything looked, especially the action shots and the group photos.




Process and Payment:

Contact me to get your session on the books. I will send you a Portrait Agreement that outlines the full portrait process and explains my policies. I require a 50% down payment to reserve your session date. The remaining 50% is due the day of your portrait session. I accept cash, Zelle, Apple Pay, and Venmo.

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