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Creating art for horses and their people in the greater Missoula, MT and Nampa, ID areas

Hi, I'm Shannon!


As someone who has been around and studied horses all my life and was a breeder for many years, I have an in-depth understanding of a horse's conformation and movement and am able to convey this in my photography. There is no greater joy for me than to be able to capture in my photographs the true beauty and essence of a horse the way their owner sees them. Horse portraits taken by a horse person - I have more than 30 years of experience in the Arabian horse industry and know how to capture your four-legged beloved at its most glorious! 

A horse portrait session with me is low-stress, fun for the horse, and will result in gorgeous images of your horse for you to showcase as stunning wall art in your home, an heirloom quality artisan album that will inspire ooohs and ahhhs every time you look at it, or digital files for you to share on your social media pages and/or breeder's website.

Welcome Guide
Woman in field with her horse
The Difference


Not all photography businesses are created equal.
Here's what you can expect from Shannon Edney Photography:




Your horses are the heart, soul, and hoof beats of my business. I know all the tricks and tips to create incredible portraits of horses. Somehow, I always fall in love with the horse in front of my camera - I just can't help myself!

I create art. Digital files are also available and many clients choose to add them to their order. But at Shannon Edney Photography, the primary focus is creating tangible, beautiful artwork that will bring you joy for years to come.

Count on quality. Whether your artwork is handcrafted or framed using authentically weathered barn wood, rest assured it comes from the best artisans in the business. If you're used to photo prints from the local box store, prepare to be amazed!

The Experience


Here's what to expect for your horse portrait experience:

Inquiry & Session Booking 

Pencil and notepad

STEP 1: 

It's a quick and easy process - just fill out the inquiry form HERE.

We'll schedule a call to talk through the details and visit about what you may choose to do with the images afterwards.


The Session

STEP 2: 

Sketched Red Camera

This is where the magic happens! Leave all worries and expectations at the door and enjoy the experience.


The session will have a relaxed atmosphere so you and your horse won't need to worry about a thing. Your horse's only job is to be a horse!


The Editing Process


The Editing Process

STEP 3: 

I will select the most compelling images from the session and begin my custom editing process. I will edit each photo in my unique artistic style, and will remove blemishes, flies and eye boogers.


You will benefit from my many years of experience photographing horses, which includes me knowing how to work with natural light, where to find the best locations for your shoot, and how to compose a great shot. 

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Sketched Notice Board

Portrait Reveal & Ordering Session

STEP 4: 

The much-anticipated image reveal session - which is just as exciting for me as it is for you!


You choose your favorites, and I'll walk you through the options for different types of artwork, albums and digital files!

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Screen Shot 2022-10-26 at 9.39.04 AM.png

Delivery and... EXHILERATION!

STEP 5: 

Your products have arrived and you can't stop smiling as you enjoy your gorgeous new artwork!

The Artwork

How will you choose to showcase your portraits? There are many beautiful artwork options available!


Shannon Edney Photography will help you curate your images, guiding you as you select your favorite portraits to create gorgeous, quality, custom artwork that will be ooh'ed and aah'ed over for decades!

Choose from a variety of contemporary, rustic or traditional wall art options. Whether you decide on one single, breathtaking piece or a multi-image wall gallery, it's sure to make a joyful statement. So sit back, relax, and start to envision what you would love to wake up to you in your home.

Limited wall space? You can also select from an assortment of archival artisan albums that will showcase your beloved images for decades to come. Digital files are also an option, but I recommend them as a complement to tangible artwork you can enjoy every day.

Click on any of the product photos below for additional information.


Getting professional portraits of your horse doesn't have to be a daunting experience. You may want photos taken of your stallion, a new foal, or a horse you have for sale. Or maybe you want beautiful images of your riding partner to hang in your home or post on social media. Whether for promotional or personal use, I don't know anyone who doesn't want gorgeous portraits of their horse!


PBS Camera.png

What type of location is best for the session?

Not everyone has lush, picturesque pastures with a gorgeous mountain backdrop (but if you do - that would be a perfect location!). When choosing a location for the shoot, it is best if the background is uncluttered and free of vehicles, equipment and other distracting items. For liberty photos, select a medium-sized area with secure fencing. In-hand photos can be taken in a multitude of places but look best in front of trees, bushes, near flowers, or far away from any background objects.


If we will be including liberty photos, plan to have 2-3 people at the shoot to assist with the session. Horse savvy is preferred but not a necessity.

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Does my horse need to be clipped prior to the session?

No, your horse does not need to be clipped for the photo session (however, if your horse has a bridle path, please have it freshly clipped). In fact, many of the horse portraits I take are of horses in their natural state - completely unclipped. 


If you choose to body or face clip your horse prior to the photo shoot, I recommend doing it 2-3 weeks prior so the horse's coat has time to re-hydrate. This lends to the hair looking much better in photos than if clipped only days prior. Clipping ears and/or whiskers the morning of the shoot is fine.

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Can my session include under saddle, in-hand and liberty photos? 

Absolutely! All sessions are custom designed and tailored to exactly what you are hoping to create and capture.

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Can I be in the images too?

Of course! I love documenting the wonderful connection between you and your horse. Your clothing choice should complement your horse's coat color - solids and neutral colors tend to look best. Avoid white if possible. If you would like to be in some of the photos with your horse, an upgrade fee of $100/person (up to two people) will be applied to your session fee. 

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What time will our photo session be?

The most magical light for photography happens during the "golden hour," which is why I schedule most sessions either early in the morning or during the last two hours of daylight. Certain locations are better suited for certain times of day, we can discuss location and time during the session-planning call.

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What if it's raining?

If the weather is less than ideal, we can definitely reschedule. 

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Should I be concerned for the safety of my horse during the session?

Safety for you and your horse is paramount during the session - I take care to work quietly and safely around every horse to ensure a positive experience for all. As a horse person myself, I understand the importance of trust and communication when working with horses. I encourage the portrait session to be a time of play and enjoyment for the horse, allowing them to show off their natural beauty and talents!

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I want to create authentic portraits of my horse! How do I book?

Simply click here to book a session! If you still have some questions, send them my way on this inquiry form or give me a call at 406-544-2881. I can't wait to work with you!



Visit my Investment & Session Options page
to see which horse portrait experience is right for you!


Shannon was wonderful to work with, very personable and sweet. Additionally, the quality of her photos is truly remarkable. I will definitely look to Shannon in the future! Thanks again!



Working with Shannon was working with a true professional. After seeing her work online, we contracted with her to take our daughter Nancy’s senior pictures with her horse.


We live in Georgia but we flew out to Montana where Nancy’s horse now lives and are we ever happy that we did. Once there, we met with Shannon and learned she had completely staked out the shoot location beforehand and knew where and when the best backgrounds and lighting would be. She suggested an early morning start time so the lighting would be perfect.


During the shoot she led us through all the motions, poses, locations and expressions and knew exactly what result she wanted to achieve. She made us all feel very comfortable and we had a ton of fun. The resulting photos are absolutely stunning - I would recommend Shannon to anyone thinking of getting highly professional portraits taken.

Mike, Donna & Nancy


Shannon has captured our horses in such a special & unique way. She understands the importance of lighting & expression, catches the joy of movement, the beauty of emotion, & the tenderness of feeling not often captured through a lens. I have worked with some of the best in the professional world of equine photography & Shannon shares a rare talent of seeing the subject with an insight that goes beyond what can be taught, a gift only God can give.




Process and Payment:

Contact me to get your session on the books. I will send you a Portrait Agreement that outlines the full portrait process and explains my policies. I require a 50% down payment to reserve your session date. The remaining 50% is due the day of your portrait session. I accept cash, Zelle, Apple Pay and Venmo.

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