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Thank you for choosing Shannon Edney Photography for your portraits!

I am thrilled to help create portraits you will look back on for years to come. Because these are photos you will cherish for many years, it's natural to want them to be frame-worthy. Determining what to wear can seem a daunting task, so I have included some tips and recommendations so your wardrobe selection doesn't have to be stressful.

Regardless of the location or theme of your portraits, I hope this guide helps to ease any overwhelm and give you some guidance to find the best outfits for your upcoming portrait session.

to your portrait session

You've booked your portrait session. Now it's time to get your outfits ready! The following are a handful of stylist-approved tips to consider when deciding what to wear.


Planning out everyone's outfit ahead of time will save you stress and frustration the day of the session. This will give you a chance to make sure everything fits everyone (essential with growing kids!) and is comfortable. Keep in mind you may be posing in different positions so the outfits should be comfortable sitting, squatting, etc. Don't forget to prep the clothes before the session date so they're wrinkle and stain free.


It's safe to assume you're going to want to display your portraits in your home. That's why you should consider the color scheme of your home when making wardrobe selections. For example, if your home is primarily decorated in neutrals you likely won't want to dress everyone in bright colors. Go with a color scheme that's similar or complimentary to your home decor so when the photos are displayed they flow with your home. 


It is best to select colors that are complimentary as opposed to matching. Soft colors such as pink, light blue, lavender, yellow, etc. are very pleasing to the lens. If bolder colors are more your style, red, black, dark blue, purple or orange make for a more dramatic look. Earth tones or contrasting, such as big stripes paired with a solid color, work well too. Pinstripes or small dots generally do not photograph well.


While patterns and prints can be fun, they can also be overwhelming if your entire family is dressed in them. Focus on solid colors for the majority of the outfits. Solid colors tend to photograph beautifully and don't take away from your beautiful family. To add some personality and dimension to everyone's outfits, mix different textures together instead of the use of a lot of patterns. If you want to add a pop of pattern, just be sure it's done in moderation and not included in every family member's outfit. 


Trying to style every family member's outfit at the same time will lead to major overwhelm. Instead, start with a statement piece or outfit for one family member and coordinate colors & styles for other family members that are complementary. Styling looks one at a time makes it easier to visualize how the looks will complement one another.


An area that is often overlooked is shoes. Remember to style complete head to toe outfits for every family member. Men, avoid wearing white socks with dress shoes. Make sure your shoes are clean, not raggedy or muddy. For the women, boots, heels, sandals or dress shoes look great.


Don't forget to add an accessory or two to tie the outfits together. Layers are an easy way to change up the look of your portraits without needing a complete wardrobe change. Scarves, vests, jackets and even blankets are great additions.


Avoid character t-shirts, shirts with sayings, etc. It is best not to get your haircut the day of or the day before a portrait session - try to allow 5 days after a haircut before your photo shoot. Please avoid wearing sunglasses for two hours prior to the session so your face won't have indent marks from the frames. 


The most important thing you can wear is something you feel comfortable in. This will help you be as relaxed as possible at the session.


I am as excited for this as you are! I am looking forward to seeing you soon.

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