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Dog Portraits - Your Questions Answered

Hey there, fellow pet lovers!

Are you ready to showcase your furry friend's unique personality and adorable nose in some stunning portraits?



Well, you're in luck because I've got all the answers to your burning questions about dog portraits!

Q: What should I bring to the photo session?

A: Two things will make your session a breeze: treats and a friendly face! Bring along your pup's favorite treats or toys to keep their attention and get those tail-wagging smiles.

Q: How can I best prepare for the session?

A: Think about what kind of photos you want to capture – whether it's your doggo playing fetch, lounging in the sun, or just being their adorable selves! Let me know your vision, and we'll make it happen. Plus, fun fact: the best action shots often happen at the beginning of the session, so let's hit the ground running!



Q: Does my pet need to be trained for the session?

A: Nope, not at all! While basic commands like sit, come, and lay down can be helpful, they're not a requirement. Some of the most paw-some shots are of pups just being themselves – goofy antics and all!

Q: Can I be in some of the photos with my dog?

A: Absolutely! I love capturing the special bond between you and your furry friend. Just remember to wear solid colors that complement your dog's coat and avoid white (we all know how much pet hair loves to show up on white clothing!). Let's make some memories together that you'll cherish forever!



Q: How far in advance do you schedule sessions?

A: Typically, I schedule sessions 3-4 weeks in advance, but I'm always happy to try and accommodate your schedule! Just let me know your preferred date, and if it's available, we'll lock it in with a 50% retainer fee. Your pup's portrait session awaits!

Still have questions? Don't hesitate to reach out! I'm here to help make your dog portrait session a tail-wagging success! Let's capture some unforgettable moments together!


International award-winning portrait photographer Shannon Edney's photos have been featured on multiple magazine covers with photos published in print and digital advertisements around the world.

Based out of Missoula, Montana, and moving to the Nampa, Idaho area in May 2024, Shannon specializes in pet portrait photography showcasing dogs, horses, and their people. Shannon is known for her ability to catch the perfect expression and capture her subjects in unique lighting, resulting in portraits rich in artistry that will be treasured for years to come - whether it be on a fine art canvas or in a custom artisan album.

Ready to celebrate your pet?


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