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How to Prep for a Photo Session with Your Dog

Calling all pet lovers! Are you ready to capture some pawsitively adorable moments with your furry family members?



Prepping for a photo session with your dog is a tail-wagging adventure worth every bit of effort!

First things first, let's get your pup acquainted with their new best friend – the photographer! Bringing along some tasty treats and favorite toys can help grab their attention and make them feel right at home. Plus, who can resist those cute puppy dog eyes when there's a treat involved?



When it comes to striking those picture-perfect poses, as your professional photographer I'm here to lend a helping hand. I'll make sure you and your furry friend look natural and comfortable, without any awkward "hang-on-for-dear-life" moments!



Planning a longer photo session? Remember to give your four-legged friend plenty of opportunities to stretch their legs, hydrate, and recharge. A happy, hydrated pup equals better photos for everyone! And speaking of good vibes, remember to bring your own calm and relaxed energy to the shoot. Your pet picks up on your emotions, so let's keep things chill and stress-free!



So get ready to strike a pose and capture some priceless memories with your beloved fur baby. With a little prep and a whole lot of love, your photo session is sure to be a woof-tastic success!



International award-winning portrait photographer Shannon Edney's photos have been featured on multiple magazine covers with photos published in print and digital advertisements around the world.

Based out of Missoula, Montana, and moving to the Nampa, Idaho area in May 2024, Shannon specializes in pet portrait photography showcasing dogs, horses, and their people. Shannon is known for her ability to catch the perfect expression and capture her subjects in unique lighting, resulting in portraits rich in artistry that will be treasured for years to come - whether it be on a fine art canvas or in a custom artisan album.

Ready to celebrate your pet?


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