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Puppies & Litters

Creating art for dogs and their people in the greater Boise / Treasure Valley, ID areas

Puppies are the embodiment of joy with their wiggly tails, floppy ears and boundless energy. They bring laughter and warmth into our lives, teaching us valuable lessons about unconditional love and living in the moment. From their playful antics to their soulful eyes, puppies have a magical way of melting hearts and spreading happiness wherever they go. I love capturing their endearing innocence and enthusiasm in my portraits.


Shannon understands the importance of lighting & expression, catches the joy of movement, the beauty of emotion, & the tenderness of feeling not often captured through a lens. She shares a rare talent of seeing the subject with an insight that goes beyond what can be taught, a gift only God can give.


Shannon's love and patience was amazing to watch when she worked with my dogs for their session. WOW doesn't even cover the amazing shots she got!


My daughter had a session with Shannon that was not only joyful, creative and professional, but that yielded incredibly beautiful senior portraits. Shannon is a true artist. She beautifully captures both the essence of her subjects, as well as her settings, in her photography. My daughter's portraits looked like they could be published in a magazine!


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